Welcome to my website! My name is Marco and I am an Italian linguist based in Leeds (West Yorkshire, UK). My varied background includes studies in Italian language and literature, creative writing, computational linguistics and machine translation. I am currently working as English to Italian translator, content writer and webmaster with an ongoing freelance activity as private Italian language tutor, translator and sometimes voice-over performer.

If you need any help with Italian, please see below what I can do for you.

Marco Brunello


I am an experienced English to Italian translator and I have worked with many different text types, from webpages for the gaming industry to tourist information for major British landmarks, narrative fiction etc.


I write informative and well researched news pieces, articles and blog posts in a variety of topics, from book and movie reviews to SEO-friendly content for corporate websites (both in Italian and English).


Whether you are a complete beginner or have already some knowledge of the language and want to improve your spoken and/or written Italian, I can provide you professional tuition, fully tailored to your needs.